RedStep Coaching
Career Coaching
Discover and identify your talents, strengths and skills as you seek to find and engage with meaningful and life-giving work.

Perhaps you:
Work with a 'tricky' or 'difficult' boss or colleague
Have lost confidence in your ability to re-enter the workplace...
Feel stuck in a role that saps you of energy, but you're not sure about how to take the next step... or even wonder if it is possible to make a break?
Are at the start of your career and don't know which way to turn, but you want to make a good decision...
Simply want to try something different!

As well as helping you develop a compelling picture of your future, Career Coaching also works with you to make it happen, covering practical "how to"s of:
Personal branding and marketing yourself
Reworking your CV into a document that attracts attention and ‘gets you the interview’
Writing an attention-grabbing covering letter
Interview preparation
Effective networking!

In addition to her other qualifications, Sally’s Master Career Coaching Certificate obtained through the Career Coaching Academy supports the Career Coaching work in which she is involved.