RedStep Coaching

Click on a question to view the responses to some common questions. If there's something you'd like to ask, please contact me.

How long does a coaching session take?

A session typically lasts one hour. I will send a brief overview of the session within a couple of days, for your personal reflection and growth.

How long do I have to commit for?

The coaching journey is ultimately your journey. For some, a single session is enough to bring clarity and insight about next steps. Whatever the case, we will agree together how frequently to meet and how many meetings would be helpful in meeting your personal or team goals.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

In my coaching studio, your workplace or a mutually convenient location that best supports your growth.

Can I come together with my spouse/child/partner/family?

Absolutely. One of the keys to a successful coaching journey is a willingness to invest in the changes you want in your life. It may be helpful to have significant others join you on your journey.

What kinds of things is coaching helpful for?

A life coach helps you work through personal changes. Each coach has their own area of expertise and experience. I love working with people who:
  • are facing career challenges
  • have relocated or are contemplating relocating
  • want to make changes in their lives but are unsure how to go about it
  • believe key relationships in their life can be improved
  • need to deal with a major change of any sort

What is the significance of the name RedStep?

Embarking on a change process, and trusting another person to walk that journey with you, requires some courage. The step of RedStep acknowledges that this often requires intention and conscious action. It implies a step up or a step into a new chapter.

The colour red is an intense, bold colour. It is associated with the bulls-eye of the target - reaching what we aim for. Red implies life and vitality.