RedStep Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Strong, healthy, life-giving relationships are possible at work, home and in your social context!

Stepping back to review what is working and what is not working, as well as what you can do differently in your relationships can transform the way you relate to those with whom you interact daily.

Drawing on:
a background in working with people,
studies in Psychology and Nursing,
work with internationally mobile families and refugees in an international setting,
partnering of the parenting of 3 emerging adult children

Sally brings a wealth of experience to the relationship coaching arena. She has facilitated Marriage, Boundaries and Parenting Teens Courses and more recently Brene Brown’s Connections Course which focuses on building "shame resilience".

Relationship coaching can transform the way you think about yourself and others, leading to greater contentment in relationships.

You do not have to remain stuck in ways of relating that are not helpful. You do have a choice!

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