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Making a Major Move?

Moving represents Change. Moving countries, cities, jobs, schools, all require us to adapt if we are to make the most of our new circumstances.

Thrive Don't Survive

Taking a moment out of the roller-coaster ride of change to think about where you are coming from and where you want to go, can make all the difference.

An empathetic ear, practical pointers, as well as cultivating a positive, forward-looking approach will help you transition well in the life-change you are facing.

Relocation coaching can assist you (and your family) to:
Manage the complex demands of regional and cross-cultural changes
Recognise and cope with some of the common responses to living with so much that is new, and possibly in a culture other than your own.
Coming back! Depart well and land well when returning to a place you have lived before.

Big moves in our lives create great memories. But culture shock is real; with support and information, transitions can lead to growth, purposeful living and rich encounters.