Are you ready to build stronger and healthier relationships?

Healthy, life-giving relationships are possible at work and home. I will listen deeply to understand your situation and provide you with useful tools, practical pointers and skills to improve the quality of important relationships.


Parenting is a high calling! Right from birth! And it doesn’t stop. Parenting older teens into their twenties is a (mine-) field that is not the average dinner talk! Let me help you discover ways to navigate this stage. Done well, we all emerge stronger, wiser and more ready for the next challenge we face. I offer you support as you parent and love with intention.

The Workplace

You enjoy your work but sometimes relating to colleagues gets tricky. Whilst you can’t change the behaviour of another, you can learn new ways of responding. Perhaps it's learning to express your truth with clarity and kindness. Or acquiring techniques for having difficult but important conversations. Or you want to become more assertive or perhaps, less aggressive. Small shifts can result in positive change in how we experience ourselves and others.

Marriage Prep

Thousands of moola and months of preparation are invested in your wedding day. I encourage you to consider a long term investment by actively preparing for marriage itself. Over 6 weeks and in a confidential and sensitive way you can grow your relationship.
  • Learn to express your love effectively
  • Good communication, including dealing with conflict in a healthy way.
  • Using the Enneagram to learn how to appreciate differences, strengths and challenges.

If you would like some useful tools and skills to improve the quality of relationships in your life

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