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Understanding each other

I have a track record of gaining trust and promoting engagement to help achieve outcomes for diverse team events. As an accredited practitioner, I find the Enneagram to be particularly effective with individuals and teams for enabling tangible change, enhancing mutual understanding, improving communication, learning strategies for conflict resolution, and helping you to set clear intentions for the future and ultimately improving productivity.

Your time, your timing

Workshops range from short lunch and learn sessions, to half and full day facilitated sessions. I work in the corporate and NPO sector, youth or any-age professionals as well as in rural and urban contexts.

Popular workshops

Enneagram Intro

An introduction to the Enneagram: understanding the 9 types, the core motivations, drivers and fears as well as the different centres of intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

Whilst IQ is almost static, our emotional intelligence (EQ) can be developed! It helps us improve our self-awareness, self-control, social skills and empathy; all of which help us become better friends, parents, colleagues and leaders.

Finding your purpose

The world needs what you have to offer. Step back and clarify your offering, your vision, dreams and life goals. It's possible to feel positive about yourself and your contribution in the world.

Conflict Management

Brushing up on your conflict management skills – understanding the different ways in which we engage with conflict and how to engage effectively with others when conflict visits.

Avoiding Burnout

Become aware, develop strategies... and avoid this painful experience!

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